DNS-O-Matic Logos & Attribution Guidelines

Here are various approved DNS-O-Matic images:

DNS-O-Matic pubicon

DNS-O-Matic logo, 200x65

DNS-O-Matic logo, 300x97

DNS-O-Matic logo, 600x195

Too large to display here, but useful for print and other hi-res needs: 2000x649

Attribution Guidelines

DNS-O-Matic is a trademark of OpenDNS, LLC. The above images are for use in connection with DNS-O-Matic. OpenDNS grants you permission to use the individual images exactly as they appear for online promotion of DNS-O-Matic or compatible services. You may not edit, alter or tamper with the individual images. We request the images be linked to http://www.dnsomatic.com/ when used online.

Provided that you abide by the above guidelines, no further written permission is required, necessary or forthcoming. If your intended use does not fall within these guidelines, you must contact us to obtain special permission. OpenDNS reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any time and will post any changes on the DNS-O-Matic website.

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Questions or inquiries? Please email dnsomatic@opendns.com